A colleague I had been working with for past few years, went into retirement today. We had had the ‘event’ with the team to mark the transition, and yet when the moment came to finally leave, he almost imperceptibly said, “bye” and made to leave. Just like that. Literally slipping out the back door, like…

Croatia Once More (II): Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was the second island of our trip, and also our longest stay of all. Dubrovnik is among the most (if not the most) popular tourist destinations in Croatia, its main attraction being the walled old town, which in recent times has also acquired the alias of ‘King’s Landing’ as the Game of Thrones’ mythical…

The First Pharaoh of Egypt

This book made me really think about my reading choices. It is almost 500 pages long, and I realized that if I had more time, I would not have read this book. As counter-intuitive as it might sound, it is true and validated upon reflection.


Is it better to drown, not knowing that you are drowning? Or better to drown, knowing full well your fate? Why does there have to be drowning at all, you ask? In that case my friend you are in the first case

Croatia Once More (I): Split & Hvar

Two years back, we had planned a trip through Amsterdam and Croatia with my parents, and they were at the last moment unable to make it due to some extenuating circumstances. The good news is, they were able to visit both beautiful places this time round! My Mum finally got to witness the Dutch tulips in…


An abstract water-colour suddenly and rapidly emerges at the end of several long weeks, and the start of a long weekend. I wonder if I should give it a name, but then realize that would be moot if not self-defeating, because.. you see… 🙂  

The Reading Rebellion

We all have fantasies. And I believe if we take them not just on face-value, but identify the underlying need that they indicate, we learn much about us and how to take care of ourselves. So my recurrent fantasy these days is.. to curl up on my sofa by the window with a book in…

Looking in the Closet

I stumbled across a piece on how Frida Kahlo’s closet was opened a good 50 years after her death to unlock insights into her personality and story. By no means do I fancy myself a Frida Kahlo, but the idea of a future civilization (or aliens) finding something I have left behind and learning about…

Weekend Art: Capturing Colmar

I have had a fascination for some years now, with the fairytale French town of Colmar. And about time I decided to paint it..

Salad and Cake

They say there was never a poet who could bear the toothache in silence. The poet feels compelled to write about it. Well the threshold for what moves self-proclaimed poets and philosophers has gone down drastically since Ogden Nash wrote ‘It’s going to hurt just a little bit..’ about his torment on the dentist’s chair….

Of Boxes and Boundaries

I sat down pensively, as the teacher set before me again..some colours, and as well a canvas, and on it were drawn neat boxes. I spent the better part of the morning painstakingly colouring inside the boundaries  of a big box. Then off I went..only to come back at noon. And wishing this time to…

Splendid Seville!

I am not much a bucket-list traveler. But in the little “If I had to have a bucket list, what would I put on it” list, Seville had been high up. And boy, it did not disappoint! This city is painted in bold brush strokes of contemporary European, Arabic, Renaissance and Gothic architectural styles.. all…

The Inheritance of Loss

Through its various characters, relationships and plots, The Inheritance of Loss explores one thing- the power dynamics inherent in societies defined by inequality- whether the inequality between the colonizer and the colonized, or the rich and the poor, or migrant and the native, or the husband and the wife. And more importantly, the consequence of…

To be an Artist

What does it mean to be an artist? Neither does a painting nor a poem nor a dance make you an artist Nor does an absence of any prove that you are not You are an artist if you have delved deep enough to know your truth And bring that truth consistently into the world,…

Watercolour: Olden Days

This one was made relatively quickly.. the weekend before. Something about olden days, and unadulterated dawns..of vast distances and leisurely pace..

Watercolour: Crossing the Bridge

This weekend saw another Sunday swept up by brush-strokes. As always, I am supremely proud of my painting, which I am calling..well, ‘crossing the bridge’.

A Water-colour Sunday

Unplanned, spontaneous, consuming. That’s how I find I like art best. And that’s how I found it this fine Sunday, when I spontaneously picked up my paints and brush in the morning and spent hours with it, letting other plans fall by the wayside.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

We always find Spanish cities to be charming, vibrant and neat, and of these, the Palma city of Mallorca island is now officially top of the list. For one, it has the most beautiful cathedral we have seen so far- with this stunning structure across a moat providing the backdrop to much of the city.

Ending the year at Majorca, Spain

This was our year-end Christmas break, and our second trip to Majorca. I think, without realizing, the vacation was under some pressure of expectations. You see, the last trip to Majorca couple of years back had brought for me an epiphany. Also, the last year-end trip to Tenerife (Spain again) had also brought me an…


‘We are all connected’ This has come to mean completely different things In the last fifty years, or wait, not even Maybe twenty, or ten Difficult to say The sense of time is so warped Now that we are all connected  

Hope You Dance

What a year it was 2016! One of the notes to self I had made at the end of 2015 was about momentum of simply showing up- in any sphere, whether love, friendships, work, fitness, life goals… reminding myself that things will be better than yesterday every day that one commits to show up. The…

100 Years of Solitude

2016 seems to have been a year of unfinished books. The latest to join the list is 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Opening the Box of Sunshine

At the start of 2016, we did something interesting. We created a special box called the ‘Box of Sunshine’ in which we would deposit a descriptive post-it chit every time something good happened to us through the year. Now the year is wrapping up and what better way to celebrate Christmas, I thought, than to…

Gorgeous Wasserfallen this Autumn

It was early November and autumn was all but gone. Along with friends, we wanted to make a final dash to still capture the colours. So we went to Wasserfallen. As autumn was making way for winter, falling leaves for descending fog, and sunny warmth for chilly haze, we stood at the cross-section in awe.