Springing up

I find myself abruptly stopping in my tracks these days, while rushing to work, or running to a meeting- as the eye catches a new bud that has just flowered.


Spring is not fully here yet, but some brave ones are daring to break open and flower… though a little hesitant, a little cautious.

IMG_0537IMG_0514They look shy- one flower hidden among many buds, and looking down at the ground… as if wondering whether anyone has noticed their brand new appearance, or if they are pretty enough yet.

I feel the compulsion to walk over to them, slowly so as not to alarm them, to convey in a way, “I see you. I think you are beautiful.”

They are not yet blossoming beauties, but more often like crinkly-wrinkly new-born babies. And they have the same quality of marking a new beginning, and freshness and promise.

Take your time. I see you.




What are your thoughts?

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