The Blue Cave, Croatia… On the Devil Boat

Komiza is a little Mediterranean fishing village on the island of Vis. In signature Vis-style, it has beautiful azure beaches (with a church in sight), scintillating sun and story-book-cute stone houses. Advertisements

Vis, Croatia.. The island of slow living

Finally found a cradle of slow living.. an island called Vis in Croatia. In the middle of the Adriatic sea, it feels as though frozen in time. Between the time that the ferry dropped us at its small port, to the time we walked to our lodgings through deserted-looking alleyways, I had already fallen in…

Hausfrau.. Of ennui and self destruction

Hausfrau is a saga about boredom, ennui and self-destruction. It resonates because the protagonist Anna’s anchorlessness and directionlessness is expressed in different ways by so many people these days that it is a sort of pandemic.

Shikhandi and other tales they don’t tell you

In 2011 I had attended a talk by Devdutt Pattanaik at a Learning Conference in Mumbai. Till then I’d only heard that he had created a unique space by interpreting Hindu mythology for application to contemporary business. During his session, among other things he had spoken about Smriti and Shruti. (Smriti is the knowledge/ information…

Mind Your Language

“I’ve got eyes for you,” I hear my new colleague announce as I’m about to settle down after lunch.


Generosity is the currency of relationships You become generous when you realize that the purpose of another’s existence is not to fulfill your mental image of them or your ideal reality You become generous when you admit you have no special rights in the universe for anything to be in your favor every time, or…

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

We walked from the train station to find Anne Frank House. As the GPS showed us getting closer and closer to it, I began to imagine Nazi boots thumping those very cobbled streets in the 1940s. The houses looked disarmingly cozy, the canals picturesque and quaint… A marching army would have looked so out-of-place…

Amsterdam Tulip Tales: 30 years and counting..

I was nervous. ..unlike the laid back traveler I usually am, who’s happy to go with the flow, to stroll into lanes and bylanes as feet may fancy.. the kind who can go to Paris and forget to visit the Eiffel Tower because an oddly-shaped tree on the way caught her fancy. That’s only a…

Am I?

Me See me Please, see me Please, me Please me   Isn’t it? A lot of showing Not enough looking A lot of wanting Not enough seeking