Am I?


See me

Please, see me

Please, me

Please me


Isn’t it?

A lot of showing

Not enough looking

A lot of wanting

Not enough seeking


Wanting nothing

but the center of the stage

of my life, and then yours

and his

and hers

and the universe

Yet it will never be enough

because I will never be enough


There were those

who were enough

in just being..

Already enough,

by their mere human existence


But I, I must do

and do more,

I must have

And have more


And fight

and tell

to get your attention

only to lose it next instant

to someone who tells it louder


Then try again

You must know who I am


Say my name!

Say my name!


Just attention

Not even affection


Just attention

Which will never be enough

Neither will I


I Am turned around

To Am I?

I am you

And you

And you

And though you may not think so

I am also you


What are your thoughts?

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