Where can I find them?

I want to read a book That will take me to a time Long gone by, and yet Immortalized.. still alive A time of simplicity and an age of innocence A time when bird, beast and nature were still man’s friends Advertisements

God Went to Beauty School

I am so scared right now that I may be the single most cold or stupid person out there, who has read this book and not liked it much. Or simply got it wrong. There are rave reviews everywhere, and people have been moved to laughter and tears by this book.. and here I am.

Been attacking the wrong thing?

Do you sometimes see teenagers, anguished by peer pressure and unsure of their place in the world, lashing out at their parents? At the one relationship where they are assured of unconditional love…

Remember, Girl

Remember, Girl, when you take that stage if you have something worthwhile to say The corner looks safe, and comfortable but the center awaits

Split, Croatia.. Of Palaces and Game of Thrones

We had planned to use Split only for landing in and taking off from Croatia. Then we discovered more about its historical side, and that several Game of Thrones scenes had been shot around there, and we had to surely give it a day.