Where can I find them?


I want to read a book
That will take me to a time
Long gone by, and yet
Immortalized.. still alive

A time of simplicity
and an age of innocence
A time when bird, beast and nature
were still man’s friends

A book whose words are droplets
And whose pages smell like rain
Whose verses feel like blades
of young grass on a mountain

I want to go to a place, where
the heroes from these books still live
Where there’s always a moral to a story
and every character has something to give

I want to go to such places
And meet people about whom books are written
Who make worldly hearts glow in warmth
And children’s hearts smitten

I want to meet those people
Who’re like the earth- Givers
solid.. ever-growing.. boundless
Like they’re built for forever

I want those books and places and people
Who make time stand very still
Bringing alive long-forgotten moments
From previous lifetimes.. most tranquil

Where can I find them..
those ladders of delicate threads
Connecting one to the stillness
of those long lost moments?

To a world that is reassuring 
In its mellow fragrance
In its vastness, completeness,
And gentle permanence


What are your thoughts?

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