The Cobweb

IMG_3531 - Copy

As I walked, as if
descending a downward spiral
My head full of the same words
And same thoughts going viral

The phrase is ‘righteous indignation’
From a textbook read long ago
And the self-talk is self-reinforcing
Despite any ‘even if’ or ‘although’

Shaking my head in agreement with myself
Something caught my eye
It seemed like a delicate necklace of pearls
On interwoven wires

Do you know what it was?
It was a spider’s web
Gently holding numerous droplets
After the rain had ebbed

The web so intricately crafted
The droplets glistening like gems
By the roadside, on the smallest shrub
Among some thorny stems

As my mind went silent,
Something else whispered, to my surprise
“The secrete of an insect can be a thing of beauty and joy
What excuse do we have, to be otherwise?”

In an instant I felt
A burden from my head being carried away
By delicate strings of a spider’s web
Sending me, un-entangled, along my way







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  1. ns iyer says:

    Was wondering where you get such thoughts. Wow!
    Great reading!!👌👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sir! In this case, it is entirely a narration of what fortunately happened. Did not add anything from my side 😊 Thanks for your kind comments.


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