What’s with all these photographs?

So what have I been up to recently? As unexciting as it sounds, I’ve been feverishly collating and backing up our personal photographs. Ever since the unfortunate computer crash some weeks back which threatened to wipe out all my photographs and writings, I’ve been on a mission to recover as much as I can. Advertisements

Tales in Colour from Bhutan

We went to Bhutan six years ago- I was 22, fresh out of Business school. When I look back, Bhutan seems to have been very similar to how we ourselves were at the time- small, simple, uncluttered, and with a child-like charm. It was my first international trip, and I was impressed with the neatness,…

A Summer Day in Strasbourg, France

It was among the hottest days this summer when we went to Strasbourg. I had studied how to reach, what to see, where to eat etc. I read up blogs and travel sites, and erm, took print-outs.