Lake Constance and the Island of Flowers

This has taken long to get around to doing… perhaps because it seemed that words would be either inadequate, inaccurate or misleading…Pictures, though, will be only inadequate. Advertisements

Undone by an Artist

There I had been walking When someone pulled me aside “Oh you cannot be seen like that- You are uncovered. It’s just not decent..” And those who are never at a loss for words Fumbled and scrambled To find some that fit

White and Grey

  The smoke rose, white The cloud descended, grey Though it was not the smoke that was pure Nor it was the cloud that was dirty

Trying to do nothing

I felt the need for a mental detox. ‘Felt the need’ being a euphemism for ‘my body and mind refused to operate without it’.

Some teachers get it

On Teachers’ Day, Facebook suddenly overflows with tributes to teachers. There’s something in my mind that switches off the moment something becomes the ‘flavour of the day’. But today is different, and I have been reminiscing about the teachers who influenced me.