Have you been young?

  The voice asks dreamily, “Have you been young?” “Yes”, I nod.. “I have earned my scars I have let love burn me down and ambition wear me out… pursued not one, but many a foolish dream fought injustice with unequivocal screams..” “Yes!”, I smile, “I have been young” “And then?” the voice teases.. Advertisements

Bad Säckingen: A small station in Germany

I did not have any expectations: it was supposed to be a business meeting, the weather was getting progressively colder, I was jet-lagged (having returned from India a day before).. and it was a very early start to the day. At the break of dawn.. and I am already in a different country.. walking towards…

Where’s Home?

Some weeks ago, we had packed our bags to go home. Some days back, we got back home and unpacked.

“If I want, I can”..

The day before, I met my grandmother after almost a year. The last time I saw her, she was an incredibly independent 85+ years old lady, who was always dressed well, regular with her daily Yoga- putting the rest of us to shame, mentally alert and coherent, with an autonomous routine as well as hobbies.


वह पूछा करते हैं जो कहाँ गए थे? कब आओगे? कभी यह पूछ लेते रातों रातों क्या ढूंढते फिरते हो? यह पूछते हैं जो क्या खाया? किसके साथ? कभी यह पूछ लेते किस चीज़ की भूख सताती है?