Meeting you was not for nothing Though I knew you weren’t here to stay But all that made sense to me Was to immerse in you While it lasted I know others who insist It’s just a regular thing- this brief tryst And no need to create shrines It’s just the way of life- and…

Excellent Women, Barbara Pym

There are some books, and even movies, that delve into one day in the life of their characters, and project a kaleidoscope of emotions, explore layers upon layers of their personalities and lives, and craftfully invoke a depth that can be attributed much to the author’s imagination and perception.


Know that feeling Of being punched in the brain? One difficulty is, for the longest time You cannot find any words To describe what it feels like Till in a dark room You stumble on something by mistake And hit your head on a wall ‘Ah yes, thank you, that was the phrase I was…

Who does history remember?

How does history pick whom to remember? Can someone end up ‘going down in history’ just by happenstance? Increasingly I think that somebody has to make an effort to get the mass of humanity looking up from their self-absorbed (rightly-so) lives of daily trials and tribulations, to be interested in the story of a distant…

From Workshop to Workplace

It seems to be the season for off-site meetings, and the one last week brought on something completely unexpected: unadulterated joy!

Fire Fire

The human emotional experience is such a complex thing. We have this beautiful gift called empathy. And then there is this invisible, permeable but definite boundary that we also create around our psyche to keep a safe distance from many things- such as mass human tragedies.