Know that feeling

Of being punched in the brain?

One difficulty is, for the longest time

You cannot find any words

To describe what it feels like

Till in a dark room

You stumble on something by mistake

And hit your head on a wall

‘Ah yes, thank you, that was the phrase

I was looking for- ‘punched in the brain’

A loss of words and sensations

And a complete loss of motivation

To try to find them

Oh just let it be

‘Fu*k you,’ says the wall

‘Thanks fu*k you too’, I return the greeting

‘Whatever that means in your context,’

‘Cant you walk straight?’ it asks indignant

‘Wait, I can lie down straight..

Let me try that..

Oh yes, that feels ok

Some intensive lying down

And some dispassionate doing nothing

And the last thing I want disturbing me right now

are thoughts of writing a frigging poem about this’


Photo: photopin.com


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