Meeting you was not for nothing
Though I knew you weren’t here to stay
But all that made sense to me
Was to immerse in you
While it lasted

I know others who insist
It’s just a regular thing- this brief tryst
And no need to create shrines
It’s just the way of life-
and life goes on.

But I won’t forget how you
Shaped me, and changed me
Further defined and refined me
And as you’re packing up to leave
I think of all you’ve taught me, 2015..

.. that no matter where I go,
Every place takes on the landscape of my own mind
.. that the things one is scared of, are rarely as scary
As their anticipation and imagination

.. that the bravest thing is to let someone in, and love them
– this whole ‘independence’ thing- it’s overhyped
.. As is rationality- Some of the silliest ideas
are the most powerful, like talking to yourself

..that writing is a cleansing of the mind..
And one never runs out of things to say,
if one is willing to tell the truth

.. that as it is with my body, so it is with my mind
What nourishes one, nourishes the other..
what poisons one, poisons both

..that it’s important to take a bite of that cake
That I call my dream
Does it actually taste as good as I imagined?
Am I hungry for more, or a bite was all I needed?

..that I often hesitate to ask for what I want
I hope I’ll have the decency to
not complain if I don’t get it

Better still, I hope I learn to ask

..that my two biggest stressors are
Feeling restricted to express myself
And fear of making a mistake that hurts someone
See how that’s a paradox?!

.. that ‘perfection or happiness?’ is a rapidly recurring choice
I hope I’m learning to choose happiness more and more

.. that one should not stay disconnected from ‘art’ for too long
Whatever it may mean- music, or books, or poetry
it is food for the soul, and I cannot let the soul starve

.. that playing games excites me like a child
And wearing bright colours brightens up a grey day
Nothing sophisticated about that
Even better

.. that simply ‘showing up’ has its own momentum-
Be it relationships, work, gym, a race, a mountain-
If I am disciplined enough simply to show up day after day
the rest slowly falls in place

Thank you, 2015, it’s been a pleasure
2016, I am showing up.





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  1. Tulika B. says:

    “Some of the silliest ideas are the most powerful, like talking to yourself” – very nice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tulika, I tried this only recently and was hugely surprised 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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