Los Gigantes: Tenerife (Spain) II

So excited to get on the bus! Though the bus arrived with a 15-minute delay, with friends waiting to pick us up elsewhere.. (My husband’s expression wasn’t this pleasant ‘cos of the delay, so we skip that pic for now:D) Photo Credit: Dear Husband

From bus to car.. and this car halt along the way.. (Photo: Dear Husband)
Beautiful cacti in this garden/ nursery..so typical of this region
And here we are!
Picture perfect, isn’t it? Our own boat wasn’t this serene. With two travel-sickness prone passengers (yours truly proudly owning one spot) and a delightful little baby, our speed-boat took quite some liberties..
Photo Credit: Dear husband


Los Gigantes.. Isn’t it stunning! (Photo Credit: Dear Husband)
Photo Credit: Dear Husband
View up close.. (Photo Credit: Dear Husband)
Photo Credit: Dear Husband
This place belongs to the birds.. they outnumber and out-brave all the people in all their boats!
You can expect dolphins to emerge where a flock of seagulls glides onto the water..

And we did! The boats were surrounded by dolphins! They neither want to scare you, nor are they scared of you.

We witnessed the stunning spectacle of a dolphin racing after a speed-boat.. it loves the surf apparently. I was too amazed to take a video of that. And then crept up this friendly one right beside my side of the boat: (The screaming in the video is not mine, evidenced by the steady hand on the camera)


Ending the day.. at a little cafe looking over the Los Gigantes

and an enchanting sunset..

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  1. Alok Singhal says:

    The dolphins look so lovely. Nice place…lovely pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

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