Allow me to be cruel..


This longing.. this
bitter-sweet constant companion
– that distant dream
that one true north
..that moment you can almost taste
amid quickened heartbeats
..when you know it will all fall in place
with a profound crash that joins all the dots
..that anticipation that makes you
sometimes sit up nights wondering,
“When will it arrive finally?”

Allow me to be cruel
-it won’t

Oh, who knows
that moment might.
But that taste of ‘final victory’
on the tip of your tongue
-It won’t.
Call it a bug in the program
-it’s simply not how it works

You know sometimes
When you run far enough
You feel this sense of a fairytale-
A mix of adventure and safe haven
Allow me to be cruel
It is not

By the lifeblood that flows through
the single unified body of this globe
Every inch of this body
Will thrive or decay
Its fate same as that one open wound
-Is it healed or festering?

I’m sure you noticed,
the wounds are so many

You are waiting for some assurance
That your fears are unfounded
So you can take a next step
Rather than stand paralyzed by uncertainty and fear
Or even if someone were to simply reassure you
That your fears are in fact rational and reasonable
You won’t feel that bad
About abandoning that hope and fire within you

Allow me to be cruel
All the answers are wrong

The best you can do
Is listen to your own deepest yearning
And pray for the best

There is no fairytale, or safety,
Or ‘ever after’ or true north
But there is this strange thing
Called reality

Which keeps banging against you
Whichever direction you seem to walk
How ‘bout sitting it down,
and having a coffee together?
See it up close, and really listen
What does it want?

Then see which door
it chivalrously opens for you
at the end of the rendezvous

The cruelty in the world beyond that door
will be astonishing
and the cruelty within your mind before that door
Familiarly, dully tormenting

Allow me to be cruel
You are constantly making your choice



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