Been looking..

“ I was looking for you…”


“All day today…”

“But I have been here for several hours now!”


“Hmmm.. was there something you wanted to talk about?”

“No, just wanted to sit together with you, doing nothing in particular”

“And we have been here, sitting doing nothing…”

“Yes…   I am missing you very much”

“But I am right here…”

“Yes. Still, I keep looking for you..”

“When did you meet me last?”

“Last night”

“Last night? We didn’t meet last night.”

“You were asleep when I came to see you.”

“Oh Gosh, you aren’t telling me I talked to you in my sleep, are you?”

“No, of course not.

But I talked to you. You smiled at some of the things I said had scared the shit off me. And you looked solemn when I joked about some other things.

You are rather silly.”



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