So many ways to love..

So many different ways
to love

.. like waves love the moon
A heaving chest
Rising and falling breaths
Passionately- from a distance
night after night of torment

…like the sun loves the moon
Making it shine
Lending its own light
Sharing its glory in the sky
Asking nought in return

… like the boatman in the night
Who loves the moon
For its unflinching support
For his mad adventures
That no one else understands

… like astronomers love the moon
Deeply concerned about its whereabouts
Knowing full well every crater
And dark spot on its being
Yet dutifully following its course
Night after night

… like poets love the moon
Or the idea of moon
Ascribing to it
All kinds of motives, afflictions
Charms, machinations
The idea of magic
Of inspiration
Shining bright on a playground
Of imagination

Who does the moon love?
Say that again
Who does the moon love?




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