That night..

The sun had set already When I heard the hooves on stone I saw them coming up our little fortress With an expression that would chill one’s bones Advertisements

Goa!! India (2016)

So what makes an epic trip?   Thank you Goa, 4 times and counting. I will be back!          

The Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind

It always amazes me how little one is able to say about the things that impact one the most. The thing could be a book/ person/ experience. Perhaps it is because one feels that thing to be precious, and doesn’t want it freely exposed. Or because one is afraid that no amount of talking/ writing…

How I met Shahrukh Khan

He was a successful man…a married man, with a kid. I was a confused teenager who could convincingly fall in love with a movie star or a book character… and so I did. I watched as he sang ‘Chand taare tod laoon.. Bas itna sa khwab hai’.. and could tell he wasn’t just acting anymore….