The Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind

It always amazes me how little one is able to say about the things that impact one the most. The thing could be a book/ person/ experience. Perhaps it is because one feels that thing to be precious, and doesn’t want it freely exposed. Or because one is afraid that no amount of talking/ writing could adequately capture the whole meaning of that book/person/experience. Or one is worried others will judge harshly what is clearly so dear to oneself.

I read this book (written by Joseph Murphy) 3 months ago. It came to me at a time when I needed it. It says things that not everybody will choose to believe. And when they don’t believe, it will not be true, because that’s the point of the book: The truth will turn out to be what you believe.

The book is literally about the power of your mind- and it sounds like pop psychology, but here’s a thought- read it at a time in your life when you really need to believe it. And then try out what it says. Try not to get scared by the outcome that you see. Try not to disbelieve your own power. Try to ignore the repetitive writing style. You know the time is right for you, when you will read through the whole book, despite it being so repetitive, and actually try the exercises with full belief.

Here’s the simple premise of the book: say what you would like to realize as truth, as though that truth exists already. Visualize it to be the truth. And then trust the subconscious mind, collective unconscious.. God..whatever you may choose to call it.

It sounds simple..rather simplistic, but when you physically stand up and walk up to a mirror, look into your own eyes and say ‘ I am willing to change’ or ‘ life is beautiful’ or whatever it is you wish you affirm, the experience is something unexpected- the resistances you discover, the sensations you feel, the sudden transformation of the emotion in your body…the way your body will react to what you say will likely allay the doubts you may have about the connection between the mental and the physical.

You don’t need to understand how something works, for it to be true. The intellect is a rather arrogant yet highly limited entity. You can look at an apple and describe it in great detail, even extrapolate what it would taste like. But when you actually take a bite of it, it is something else altogether. No conceptual understanding is equivalent to the burst of taste, texture, feeling that the single bite gives. You cannot even describe it accurately to someone who has not tasted an apple.

And then there’s the part of what the apple does after it leaves your mouth and enters your body- you have no way of seeing exactly how it is affecting your body, how it is nourishing it. And yet it does. You don’t need to understand. You just need to take a bite.



What are your thoughts?

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