Evolution of Idleness

There I sit, one foot propped on the other knee, eyes looking at nothing in particular, face turned up towards the sun. Perhaps I look silly and happy.. or perhaps dazed and bummed, who knows. They rush by, “Oh I need that power break too! We deserve that for ourselves.. those 15 minutes in a day..” Advertisements

Bol, Croatia

Hello stranger! From all who have been here Now.. and since countless years The wind and the sun The sky and the ocean And you are here today Pause before you go Hello stranger, Welcome home..  

And the Mountains Echoed

Khaled Hosseini has this unusual gift of leaving you uplifted, and with an unmistakable lingering sense of loss at the same time. Each of his books does that, and the third one even more so because having finished it, I realize I don’t have any more Khaled Hosseini books waiting for me (not till he publishes…

Eye of the Beholder

“ This place is too elitist,” she sighed, putting her bag down as they entered the hotel room. “ Really? You got that from the check-in at the reception?” he said, “Well, you made the bookings for this place.” “I didn’t know then. It’s not like people add this as a comment on online reviews….

Some thoughts on Mother’s Day

My mother is an incredible woman. I know every child feels this way about their mother, and that is how it should be. However just like every other child, I also feel my mother is especially special in a way that cannot be explained to others. I could launch into many reasons why I have…