Evolution of Idleness

There I sit, one foot propped on the other knee, eyes looking at nothing in particular, face turned up towards the sun. Perhaps I look silly and happy.. or perhaps dazed and bummed, who knows.

They rush by, “Oh I need that power break too! We deserve that for ourselves.. those 15 minutes in a day..”

“Oh no, no power…” I begin and trail off.

He waves as he goes, “I like to practice mindfulness sitting there.. a perfect spot, isn’t it?!”

“Yeah, perhaps.. I wasn’t really…”

She goes by,briskly and cheerily,”How important to make time to relax! That’s when the best ideas come to us. It’s proven by science. You know, that’s why so many people have ideas in the bath, or even on the pot. I always keep a notebook in my bathroom..”

“No, I wasn’t trying to…”

He approves, “Our eyes need a break from all the computer work. Look in the distance, especially at the trees.. it soothes the eyes.”

“My.. what… yeah.. yeah..”

They say, “It’s an art, really, to sit still.. to break free from technology for a few moments at least, and all the chaos.. to calm the mind, and still your thoughts.”

“Oh I am no artist…no, I just..”

Sigh. Sitting idle is no more what it used to be.



Featured Image: pexels.com



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  1. padma says:

    Sitting alone and enjoying solitude-what a great luxury.People capable of that are very fortunate.Thank God this species still exists.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes luxury’s the word 😊


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