The Princess of Egypt must die

This is a novelette centered around Princess Arsinoe II of Egypt. She is known in history as a highly political and influential female ruler, her public life marked by calculated plans and schemes for power. None of this is the topic of the book in question. The novelette is concerned with the making of Arsinoe-…

The lived and unlived

When you carry the weight of enough lived lives Outweighed only by the weight of enough unlived ones When you are inhaling deeply, hoping to catch some of the latter in your lungs And exhaling to scatter the dust of the former When the lived and the unlived have stared each other down and fought…


“Are you made of the stars?” he asked She looked down and laughed, at the moonrays twinkling on her satin night-dress

The Artist and The Realist

The realist isn’t the artist’s nemesis. They may seem like opposites, but they are like the yin and yang- seemingly opposing, but actually interdependent. They are not even separate people, the realist and the artist- they are, or rather must be, part of the same person. Isn’t each person the entire ocean in a drop? An…

Jane Eyre

My mother has often mentioned in passing that her father, my grandfather, carried around a copy of Jane Eyre for months- reading small bits, diligently marking quotes or looking up old English words, and fondly carrying the book around everywhere he went.

Relax, nothing’s in control

” What’s the matter?” “I just feel like the world is spinning, and nothing is in my control..” “And?” “And what? It’s irksome..”

Leave the last candle burning

He had expected the day to feel like any other. He wasn’t the sentimental sort himself, but his daughter had insisted. “What do you mean you won’t cut a cake? It is your GOLDEN birthday!” she had said, both her eyes and her mouth in oval shapes of surprised indignation. “I won’t have my birthday…