Voice & Silence

Is it worse
To lose your voice
Or to lose your silence

I wonder as I scramble to hear either
Amid the din of cross currents of gibberish
Mingling into a senseless static
Arrogantly setting itself
To a high volume

“No, you are not to my taste, senseless static
Turn your volume down!”
But it cannot hear me of course
Dancing away as it is
Drunk on its own power

But you see, a corner of my mind
Plays for me a memory now and then
Of a song that in its stillness
Rises above the noisy static
And grips my heart in its musical strings
and my being quivering with it

And that quivering in my heart
Jumps into my throat
And I find I have a voice-
My voice

But I don’t need to say anything
Because I have found already
Also, my silence

My Voice and my Silence
they sit hand in hand
under the same blue sky
laughing, and leaning 
against each other’s backs



Image: pexels.com


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