Ever experienced that?
Trying to talk to a friend
As a train is rushing by so fast
That it is a blur
And its din drowns out everything
That you are trying to say
Or your friend is trying to hear
And you just wait out for the train
to pass by completely
and then finally you and your friend
turn to each other, to have it out
but it just doesn’t seem so significant anymore
what you had wanted to say

It’s nothing extraordinary,
Just a fleeting moment
Except the train is your life
And you are of course you
And so is your friend
Your soul, perhaps
And the conversation, interrupted
Inexplicably, almost comically, made difficult

You think, “If only, the train would slow down…
If only, the train would stop…”
And most foolishly,
You wait.. “if only the train would just pass by”

You keep wondering why you and your friend
Cannot hear each other
Why not try this… try getting on the train
Those on the train are able to hear each other quite well
They are having a good time..
mostly.. sometimes..or atleast something
Other than waiting on a platform
And the train…it’s going somewhere anyway
Whether or not you get on it




What are your thoughts?

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