Colmar, France.. The Fairytale Village

A fairytale village, and among my favourite places.. we visited Colmar yet again. We are always eager to take all our dear ones there, and then there are some folks you know actually belong to a world like this.. like my sister. I had been waiting to show her this exotic little village frozen in time, and it became the first stop of her Europe trip.


Photo by Dear Husband
Photo by Dear Husband


Petit Venice.. we have enjoyed some lovely boat rides through this canal..


A colourful old village with quaint old architecture, several small antique and art shops, musicians filling the air with magic, a boat ride across a canal, and excellent French patisserie!

Roaming through the lanes and bylanes one day we had run into a resident of one of these houses, who told us about the story behind the colourful houses. Apparently in the old times, the colour of one’s house was supposed to represent their profession. Hence in the yellow houses lived bakers, in the green ones farmers, in the blue ones fishermen, and in the pink ones prostitutes.

Now that’s a village that’s not just a pretty face!


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