Hope You Dance

What a year it was 2016! One of the notes to self I had made at the end of 2015 was about momentum of simply showing up- in any sphere, whether love, friendships, work, fitness, life goals… reminding myself that things will be better than yesterday every day that one commits to show up. The…

100 Years of Solitude

2016 seems to have been a year of unfinished books. The latest to join the list is 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Opening the Box of Sunshine

At the start of 2016, we did something interesting. We created a special box called the ‘Box of Sunshine’ in which we would deposit a descriptive post-it chit every time something good happened to us through the year. Now the year is wrapping up and what better way to celebrate Christmas, I thought, than to…

Gorgeous Wasserfallen this Autumn

It was early November and autumn was all but gone. Along with friends, we wanted to make a final dash to still capture the colours. So we went to Wasserfallen. As autumn was making way for winter, falling leaves for descending fog, and sunny warmth for chilly haze, we stood at the cross-section in awe.

Birthday of the boy

My favourite boy had his birthday earlier this week. Continuing with our preference for making gifts, I took up a slightly challenging one this time. I painted him doing what he loves. Quite happy with how it turned out..

Barcelona, Spain

It was Barcelona this year for our customary October break. And with family over, the highlight was late night conversations, music sessions and cooking together. The city provided a beautiful backdrop..

Winter in Watercolour

A dark-purple walled house, melding with the velvet dark blue of the night sky.. at the end of neat rows of leafless trees. Snow and complete silence on the outside… And inside the windows and doors of the solitary house… what?