Winter in Watercolour

A dark-purple walled house, melding with the velvet dark blue of the night sky.. at the end of neat rows of leafless trees. Snow and complete silence on the outside… And inside the windows and doors of the solitary house… what? 

The image kept showing up in my mind for weeks, and I knew I would have to put it on paper. Something inspired me to purchase and muster the bravery to use water-colours! The last time I used water colours was at least two decades back.

Before I painted it, sometimes when I pictured the image, I sensed complete darkness and silence behind the doors and windows. At other times I wondered if the doors would open to show brightly-lit hallways and staircases, and luxuriously-dressed men and women eating, drinking and dancing under exquisite chandeliers.

When the image actually took form, the house turned out a merrier purple than I had imagined, and it became quite clear that the world behind the doors and windows was made up of bright chandeliers, hot cups of soup and luxurious warm-wood bookshelves.


I liked the painting..but didn’t really think it anything extraordinary. Then to my surprise, a friend asked for a print-worthy picture of it to frame and hang in her home!

At first I thought perhaps it is because she has a young child, who would find the colours appealing. But then I thought I should give more credit to the painting. It is art. The purpose of art is not to be perfect, but to evoke a feeling. And so this does… for me, of colour and order.. and of being ready on a snowy winter night for cozy carefree sleep and child-like dreams 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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