Hope You Dance

What a year it was 2016! One of the notes to self I had made at the end of 2015 was about momentum of simply showing up- in any sphere, whether love, friendships, work, fitness, life goals… reminding myself that things will be better than yesterday every day that one commits to show up. The rest will flow.

It was through the last few months of 2016 that I started to see the next step to it- to not just turn up, but also to bring your true self.. your full self. And something else completely begins to happen. You feel truly alive- not in the way of ‘I am bungee-jumping, and screaming my lungs out-and feeling alive’, but truly alive in the sense of the person that is you having an immersive experience in the frustration, sadness, joy, success, failure, friendship…life, inherent in that situation.

Not holding back, wondering if, sitting on the fence, waiting it out, letting it pass over.. but participating. Rolling up your sleeves and saying, “I’ve brought with me all I’ve got. Now let’s see where this takes me.”

And here’s a beautiful realization.. the more you do, the more you can do. This self that is brought fully into a situation expands its boundaries and becomes ready for more.

So for 2017, I want to go one step further- not just showing up, but also bringing myself.



Featured Image: Found somewhere on the internet. Saved with love. Inspired by the Womack song.


What are your thoughts?

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