Ending the year at Majorca, Spain

This was our year-end Christmas break, and our second trip to Majorca. I think, without realizing, the vacation was under some pressure of expectations. You see, the last trip to Majorca couple of years back had brought for me an epiphany. Also, the last year-end trip to Tenerife (Spain again) had also brought me an epiphany. 

However this trip was quite different from the last one in significant ways. Where I had last entered Majorca feeling exhaused, this time I came in full of energy. The last trip had brought news of death and ill health in close circles. This trip brought news of new arrival in my close family.

The trip this time was overall filled with sunny optimism and perhaps overconfidence that I didn’t quite take the mental ‘downtime’ which is so essential for me, and I can certainly tangibly feel the impact.

The good news is much of this large island is still unexplored for future down-time 🙂 This time we spent a lot of time on the beaches and explored the Palma city too (the city calls for a separate post)

The beaches I had fallen in love with couple of years back
Keeping a close watch on dear husband from the Lifeguard’s tower


Photo by Dear Husband
The earnings we brought home..


Inverted perspective.. this one’s taken from the water



It was off-season, and the beaches were deserted..


The sky in the evenings was like God’s bold brushstrokes…


The deserted paths we loved to walk
Or simply settle down to this view from the balcony

What are your thoughts?

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