Is it better to drown, not knowing that you are drowning?
Or better to drown, knowing full well your fate?
Why does there have to be drowning at all, you ask?
In that case my friend you are in the first case

Is it better to not want to drown?
Or to want to drown?
What is better, given you drown anyway?

Is it better to swim a while and then drown?
Or to know nothing other than drowning, so perhaps the pain is less?

Is there a better or worse at all?
Or is there just drowning- and our preferences and attributions to it?


PS: Obviously written on a less-than stellar day.  Just when I thought I was out of words, and definitely out of poems, this reminded me that you are never out of things to write/ say if you are willing to speak the truth. And finding oneself out of words is only an indication that one hasn’t been speaking (or hearing) one’s truth- even to oneself.


Image: freeimages.com


What are your thoughts?

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