Croatia Once More (II): Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was the second island of our trip, and also our longest stay of all. Dubrovnik is among the most (if not the most) popular tourist destinations in Croatia, its main attraction being the walled old town, which in recent times has also acquired the alias of ‘King’s Landing’ as the Game of Thrones’ mythical center of power. 

However when I think back to our time in Dubrovnik, the best moments that come to my mind are the idle chats that Mum, Dad and I had sitting in the porch and garden of the cosy apartments we were renting. And also the nice people we met- the lady who ran the place by herself- being a one-woman army, the friendly taxi drivers who may not always understand our words, but were always understanding of our needs and went the extra mile in a friendly way, and unknown ladies on the bus who would smile at us, and one who was so besotted that she wanted to kiss my face!

I also noticed something which I had not come across so much in past trips- the ubiquitous paintings and art. Always made by the spouse of the person selling it, or by the seller him/herself, always good quality, always displayed with pride.

It is ironical that for different reasons the pictures I put here below do not capture any of these! But I guess that’s the nature of ‘capturing’ and ‘sharing’.

Our little garden.. and some distance away was our favourite..swing chair..
Welcome to King’s Landing
No, it just looks like the kid is eating the bird
Will somebody tell me how the floor in this town glistens like this?
But most of the time you simply cannot see the floor! (and this wasn’t even tourist season yet)


Just a little off the beaten path, the quintessential welcoming alleys..


They say the only problem with life is that the background music is missing. While these gentlement were having ice cream when we passed them, we did have some ethereal moments transported literally into the movie of our own lives before a church where a guitarist sat playing ‘Moon River’, Lara’s theme and oh-so-stirring chords of the heart..
This lady walking down the ‘Shame’ steps without a clue!
And Spoiler Alert for all who are wondering who gets to sit on the Iron Throne 😉 (the answer is anyone who is willing to buy HBO-approved GoT souveniers)
and it helps that I know a guy who drinks and who knows things
Let’s get away from the political intrigue at King’s Landing
Get into a boat..


See that’s king’s landing far away!


And the boat takes you to this island called Lokrum- yes, the one shaped like amoeba


You are welcomed by peacocks when you reach there


and discover this hidden gem on this island, called ‘the dead sea’
We had a peaceful and happy lunch at a lovely open air restaurant overlooking this monastery


and as you leave, Lokrum reminds you again there are no other blue waters like those of Croatia

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  1. Padma says:

    Lovely pictures & really nice description!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mumma! You were there first-hand 🙂


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