Trust the Path


We cannot typically know the destination, but we can usually if not always, see the path. Do you trust the path? If one is anxious, frustrated, depressed, impatient- it is because one can either not identify the path (which essentially means nothing because you are always on ‘a’ path even if it is not the path you imagined), or do not trust the path.

Trust the path. Do not be blindly devoted to it, change course, course-correct, forge your own… all of that is also the path itself- trust it.

I made this little poster for myself as a reminder.. capturing various elements…

Believe in transformation, in metamorphosis. What is today may become something else tomorrow.

Know that strengthening of roots must happen before bearing of fruit.

Trust that you are protected.

Learn to appreciate the music- the crescendos, the pauses, the melody..

Strength, discipline, focus.. targeted towards the right things, or much damage happens.

Trust the flow of life- it is all inter-connected and ever-flowing. Don’t try to stop it, control it or swim against it. Know the currents- have a destination in mind, but do not struggle overly with the direction- the flow reaches everywhere- learn to get along with it and make friends with it.

Keep your eyes open- observe and reflect.

Focus on growth. Endure different seasons, but always grow.

Sometimes you need to push doors open- when you reach a door, open it. Push hard if you must. Also keep it open for others.

Nourish your optimism. Even if it goes down, let it rise again.

In the background, always, wisdom, patience, grace.




What are your thoughts?

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