As a child, I always had a personal diary, even inventing my own script to write in it. I always imagined that it was very important to keep a record of my thoughts because some day someone is going to find it in the remains a long-lost city and I would then communicate from- the-beyond to shed light on how people from an earlier era were. As for deciphering the script, I imagined a team of experts working on breaking the code, so that would be no problem at all.

Over the years, it changed shapes many times, but writing always helped in living. For one, it helped grasp today- when we write, we get insight into what’s most important to us, what is unresolved, and what is resolved. In fact, many things resolve themselves as we write. Two, it created a sense of a unified thread running through life. When we read something we wrote ten years back, we can quickly traverse the distance covered in those ten years. Times when I have not been writing, I tend to remember as a blur, or have the feeling that not a lot was learned. Because writing is reflection, a step towards learning.

Sometimes we have no time to reflect, no time to grow, no time to connect things to make sense, or to simply enjoy them. Those are times when one is busy, but not productive. We all have times like that, in fact, very often. And so, here’s creating an intentional space for slow living.

Slow living is described by people and psychologists in many ways, such as mindful living, a lifestyle choice centered on meaning and fulfillment etc. All of them resonate, as do the literal words- Slow living.

Whether it is a place, or a book, or an experience, this blog is an attempt to savour, not just consume.. to smell, touch and feel, not just consume… share, not just consume.. create, not just consume.. most importantly- digest, not just consume- without which no nourishment can happen.

This blog is not a knowledge center on slow living, but my personal tool to live it. To Pause. Reflect. Savour. Refresh. Live. Slow.



What are your thoughts?

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