Of Boxes and Boundaries

I sat down pensively, as the teacher set before me again..some colours, and as well a canvas, and on it were drawn neat boxes. I spent the better part of the morning painstakingly colouring inside the boundaries  of a big box. Then off I went..only to come back at noon. And wishing this time to…

Relax, nothing’s in control

” What’s the matter?” “I just feel like the world is spinning, and nothing is in my control..” “And?” “And what? It’s irksome..”

Leave the last candle burning

He had expected the day to feel like any other. He wasn’t the sentimental sort himself, but his daughter had insisted. “What do you mean you won’t cut a cake? It is your GOLDEN birthday!” she had said, both her eyes and her mouth in oval shapes of surprised indignation. “I won’t have my birthday…

Alone Together

It had been a long day. I was at last out of office, and had now been on the bus for ten, maybe twenty minutes. I couldn’t tell how long exactly.. I was tending to fall into trains of thought that led nowhere. It must have been at least twenty minutes because the bus had…

Movement & Stillness

I went running-  I was fast, I was focused. My shoes were thumping the ground in quick succession. The air cut whooshing sounds about my ears, and so I did not hear…my eyes were focused ahead, and so I did not see… the pieces falling along the way in my wake. Little pieces…of me.

Evolution of Idleness

There I sit, one foot propped on the other knee, eyes looking at nothing in particular, face turned up towards the sun. Perhaps I look silly and happy.. or perhaps dazed and bummed, who knows. They rush by, “Oh I need that power break too! We deserve that for ourselves.. those 15 minutes in a day..”

Eye of the Beholder

“ This place is too elitist,” she sighed, putting her bag down as they entered the hotel room. “ Really? You got that from the check-in at the reception?” he said, “Well, you made the bookings for this place.” “I didn’t know then. It’s not like people add this as a comment on online reviews….

That night..

The sun had set already When I heard the hooves on stone I saw them coming up our little fortress With an expression that would chill one’s bones

A Collision of Tales

It all started with an apple falling on his head on a lazy afternoon. As he looked up- the sight took his breath away. Behind him the formidable castle rose like an arrow towards the sky.. and from the lone window high up near the clouds, came down a criss-crossed brown waterfall of fragrant hair-…

Been looking..

“ I was looking for you…” “When?” “All day today…” “But I have been here for several hours now!” “Yes..”

Those who tell stories..

“Tell me a story..” “A story?! I don’t know how to tell stories..” “I’m sure you can tell a small one!” “No I swear, I don’t know how.. I can talk about things that have happened.. but I wish I knew how to make things up.” “Don’t you ever imagine things that haven’t actually happened?”…