Postcards from Rome..

Long before I walked into the current city of Rome, I had peered into the ancient city of Rome during the glorious Roman empire. My vehicle of time-travel was the internet..with this futuristic technology that I was then getting acquainted with, I launched into the fascinating past. I was in 9th standard (more or less),…

Tirol Region, Austria

There were quite a few work trips in quick succession earlier in the year, and the trip in June to the small town of Kundl in Austria was one of the few that actually offered a chance to see something other than walls and meeting rooms. 

Croatia Once More (III): Korcula, the sweetheart!

The last stop of my Croatia trip with Mum and Dad in May this year was the little island of Korcula. It is another true island of slow living, which I got the pleasure of now knowing after Vis- which delighted us couple of years back. Ironically life got so busy since I returned from Korcula…

Croatia Once More (II): Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was the second island of our trip, and also our longest stay of all. Dubrovnik is among the most (if not the most) popular tourist destinations in Croatia, its main attraction being the walled old town, which in recent times has also acquired the alias of ‘King’s Landing’ as the Game of Thrones’ mythical…

Croatia Once More (I): Split & Hvar

Two years back, we had planned a trip through Amsterdam and Croatia with my parents, and they were at the last moment unable to make it due to some extenuating circumstances. The good news is, they were able to visit both beautiful places this time round! My Mum finally got to witness the Dutch tulips in…

Splendid Seville!

I am not much a bucket-list traveler. But in the little “If I had to have a bucket list, what would I put on it” list, Seville had been high up. And boy, it did not disappoint! This city is painted in bold brush strokes of contemporary European, Arabic, Renaissance and Gothic architectural styles.. all…

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

We always find Spanish cities to be charming, vibrant and neat, and of these, the Palma city of Mallorca island is now officially top of the list. For one, it has the most beautiful cathedral we have seen so far- with this stunning structure across a moat providing the backdrop to much of the city.

Ending the year at Majorca, Spain

This was our year-end Christmas break, and our second trip to Majorca. I think, without realizing, the vacation was under some pressure of expectations. You see, the last trip to Majorca couple of years back had brought for me an epiphany. Also, the last year-end trip to Tenerife (Spain again) had also brought me an…

Gorgeous Wasserfallen this Autumn

It was early November and autumn was all but gone. Along with friends, we wanted to make a final dash to still capture the colours. So we went to Wasserfallen. As autumn was making way for winter, falling leaves for descending fog, and sunny warmth for chilly haze, we stood at the cross-section in awe.

Barcelona, Spain

It was Barcelona this year for our customary October break. And with family over, the highlight was late night conversations, music sessions and cooking together. The city provided a beautiful backdrop..

Colmar, France.. The Fairytale Village

A fairytale village, and among my favourite places.. we visited Colmar yet again. We are always eager to take all our dear ones there, and then there are some folks you know actually belong to a world like this.. like my sister. I had been waiting to show her this exotic little village frozen in…

Zermatt, Switzerland

This is one place my husband has been wanting us to go for years now. He’s been wanting to hike up the Gornergrat, to a face to face rendezvous with the Matterhorn peak. In autumn, because it’s breathtaking beautiful then. The way it was when he went several years ago. 

Bol, Croatia

Hello stranger! From all who have been here Now.. and since countless years The wind and the sun The sky and the ocean And you are here today Pause before you go Hello stranger, Welcome home..  

Venice, Italy

So, it happens something like this..On the train to Venice, I am reading this book called ‘The Places that Scare You’- which essentially implores one to sit face to face with one’s discomfort and vulnerabilities till they make peace with them.

Verona, Italy

Most people hear of Verona in the context of the tale of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. These two protagonists of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy belonged to rival families from Verona. It seems Shakespeare was inspired by a true story from Italy. Standing testimony to this, is the house at Via Cappello, 23.. the house of Juliet (or…

Goa!! India (2016)

So what makes an epic trip?   Thank you Goa, 4 times and counting. I will be back!          

Mount Teide: Tenerife (Spain) III

Though we were not hiking up the mountain, it was still a very uphill task getting to the top, and even more painful (as in life) to come down. There was surely some kind of mismatch between the crowd turn-out and infrastructure. We landed ourselves in a special situation with no bus to take us back…

Tenerife(Spain) Part I: Of Aimless Wandering

A large and lovely part of our long-awaited trip to Tenerife consisted of a persistent pursuit of nothing. There was a large chunk of this:   and this.. walks along the port.. watching the birds…oh so many birds! .. some crazy amount of staring at the sky..(perhaps because of the birds).. Photo Credit: Dear Husband and equally…

Bad Säckingen: A small station in Germany

I did not have any expectations: it was supposed to be a business meeting, the weather was getting progressively colder, I was jet-lagged (having returned from India a day before).. and it was a very early start to the day. At the break of dawn.. and I am already in a different country.. walking towards…

Hiking up Mount Rigi, Switzerland

Autumn is setting in, infusing shades of red and yellow into the greens, and the misty smell of dried leaves in the air. On a warm enough day at this time, it is a privilege to be in the midst of nature. With a friend visiting us this weekend, we set about hiking up Mount Rigi.